Africa and nutrition

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We all heard the word that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many children in Africa hardly eat a significant portion of the food in a day. Food is a basic tool for survival, and its absence is the root of many, many other problems. Hunger prevents people from even delivering the most important daily functions that adversely affect many aspects of society.

Africa Situation

Africa is a continent struggling with many problems, and usually these children carry these concerns. South Africa is one of the most successful countries in the continent, and 12% of children living in the country are starving or drastically underweight. This helpless part of the population goes through daily meals, which affects their concentration, their health and even their future. Hunger and its consequences every year, every fourth child below the age of fifteen, has 95 out of 95 children, including malnutrition, illness, or despair and street food.

Other Southern African countries are even worse off as they experience political unrest, natural disasters and bad infrastructure, confusing the already worrying amount of children without having to eat enough food. In a country such as Zimbabwe struggling with political problems and huge food shortages and inflation, more than 17% of children are hungry and do not blame their own. As unpredictable droughts, floods, storms and wars erode African countries, these figures are soaring and more and more children and adults need help. Feeding the baby is not an expensive task and does not make much effort. Children between the ages of 3 and 7, taking into account the right foods, require only what Westerners would think to survive. The average child needs two to three cups of milk a day, and this milk intake can be created in many ways – yogurt and cheese are easy to use. Two doses of meat are recommended daily per child, but the cost of meat, legumes, eggs or even peanut butter make this protein intake easy. Four servings of fruit or vegetables are required daily, and a wide variety of fresh produce is easy to access. Finally, four servings of cereals are needed to supplement the healthy daily diet. Grain, corn, pasta or bread provide both cost-effective and high-energy options. The continuous intake of these foods provides healthy children who can concentrate in school and become productive members of their own society

The consequences of malnutrition

The consequences of malnutrition may be devastating to children and depend on the child being deprived of food. Long-term effects include growth barriers, anorexia, tendency to infection, behavioral changes and learning difficulties. Many of these effects can have far-reaching consequences even after correcting the deficiency. Malnutrition of malnutrition will later result in mental retardation or a worse psychomotor function in a healthy childhood.

The less direct consequences of malnutrition are often less obvious or measurable, and no one can really predict that the effect of prolonged starvation on an Individual may be. Despair over food often sends children to the streets where they are prone to illness, criminality and exploitation. The frustration of parents who can not earn enough to feed their family can also be abandoned, abused, and many other problems

Soup Kitchen

One of the most effective ways to overcome these problems is for adults and children alike in soup kitchens. These charitable organizations work tirelessly day and night to provide mealtimes to the hungry people. Some kitchens provide more than 300 meals per day, and people are getting their strength to become more productive and try to improve their own situation. Many times, this meal is the only time that many of them will eat for days and the key to their survival.

Such other businesses focus on children only and try to ensure that every child has something to eat in school to concentrate and get the most out of the education. Projects like the Makhundu Christian Support [] program not only ensure that more than 3,000 orphans are fed at least once a day, but that all of them register social services and attend school regularly. Such programs acknowledge the importance of nutrition in the lives of children and strive to start their lives fairly through food and support – the fundamentals that many of us consider to be self-evident.

Food Plots

that have assembled a selection of food products that are passed on to families in rural areas. These areas are the most seriously affected by drought, unemployment and famine, and some of the worst hunger, malnutrition and deaths among young children are the highest. The basic elements of food packages, as well as flour, oil and other ingredients, mean that people are able to cook or bake bread for themselves, promoting self-sufficiency to extend the utility of the package.

These parcels are also a vital resource for people in natural disasters such as drought or recent Kenyan floods. Many of them lose the little things they have and they have nothing. Rural areas in Africa are generally supported by farming and in these disasters; destroying the earth, animals and plants, leaving hungry children and adults. Food packages sent by various charitable organizations are a way of life that allows people to start taking care of themselves again.

Many of us live afloat afraid of Africa and do not know where to start if we want to help. For those who are closer to these areas, the time of volunteer service in a soup kitchen is one of the best ways to help. With a friendly smile and chatting, it's just as helpful as hot food, and this is one of the cases where there are more kitchens in the better kitchen. Transferring Fresh Foods and Stocks to these Kitchens is also a Great Way to Improve People's Dietary Habitats

People in an area where they are providing simple donations is the easiest and most effective way to help. Charitable organizations, such as Breadline Africa, are linked throughout Africa and send an incredible amount of food packages to desperate people every year. Careful planning has allowed such charities to be able to compile the best 12 to 16-pound package. Donations ensure that a whole family can eat for a long time thanks to their generosity

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