Acro-Yoga – What It's and How to Do Basic Acro-Yoga Moves

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Although combining yoga and Thai massage, Acro-yoga has a strong relationship with the gym. One partner needs Acro Yoga, as most positions require a base and a plane (for beginners often there is a third friend acting as a spotter).

The base is much more connected to the ground, and often comes with the entire backrest to the ground. This creates a binder that provides the greatest support for the adapter. The normal contact point between the base and the adapter is hip, leg and hand. The foundation is based on the coach who rises and dynamically moves along with yoga. Both the foundation and the feather need trust and power to succeed in acro yoga. If you are using a spotter, it is your job to secure the safe landing of the aircraft and make suggestions for the changes if they see a way to improve the form.

Acro-yoga classes start with a circular ceremony and are about asani asanas (individual yoga courses). After the warming up, the participants move to the partner's work, where the two mirrors mirror each other in asanas, then turn each other upside down. After passing through these final warm-up steps, the class moves to the acrobatics and flies. From the dynamic acrobatics, both partners touch the floor. Class, and then advance to the flight where the base is the only supporter of the aircraft. Almost always there is a spotter for the final flight. The class ends with soothing Thai massage.

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