Acne and Nutrition – Things Not Learned in Medical Schools

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Of the many things that are not taught in medical schools, Nutrition is by far the most important. In all other therapies, such as modern Western medicine, healthy eating based on vegetables is essential. Treating acne is so easy to avoid foods that are internally exacerbated. It's so easy. You do not put acne into your system and acne does not come out.

Knowledge of treating acne is as ancient as acne. Here are the basics you need to know about treating acne. Let's start with what we have to avoid

Avoid dairy consumption or drastically reduce it. Dairy products are one of the foundations of acne, and when I say 'dairy', I mean not only milk and cheese. Observe the ingredients that contain food, as dairy products can be found in snacks, pastries, pasta and other products. The sooner you clean the system from dairy products, the better. If you can count calcium on dairy, you bark on the wrong tree (I'll treat calcium in another article). If you are heavily attached to dairy products, I suggest you cut them for a while to show the results and decide for yourself. In my experience, after the results have appeared, and the acne is slowly disappearing, most people decide to stay away from dairy products, but some only reduce their consumption levels.

Avoid sugar. I know it's hard to do, because sugar is everywhere today. Sugar is an extreme source of acne and the over-consumption of sugar, especially white sugar, is the basis of many modern people's illness. Try the best possible, and remember that sugar is in almost every industrial product we sell today as "food." The mixture of sugar and dairy products is very popular and hot chocolate milk is an acne bomb.

Avoid saturated fats. Fatty acids are highly toxic, and acne has little effect on the full range of problems associated with their consumption. If you use oil, use extra virgin olive oil. Keep in mind that almost every snack and industrial "food" contains saturated fat and should be avoided.

Avoid Wheat Products. Wheat is transformed into empty carbohydrates and just like sugar, or a little worse. Wheat products generally contain all milk, sugar and saturated fat. This is an acne "bomb" and one of the hardest habit of kicking. Roasted wheat is highly addictive, and together with white sugar, it is a disease-stimulating factor.

Avoid fried and especially fried foods. For example, potato chips are a very bad choice if someone tries to avoid acne.

It is best to try to establish a diet on vegetables. Nutrition plays a key role in preventing and avoiding acne, and a balanced diet is absolutely necessary. In this article, I decided to avoid what should be avoided, as I know from the experience that avoiding these things leaves almost no choice, only eating the right ones. This in itself can lead to significant improvements and, in some cases, complete healing

In my next article, I deal with the active part of healing acne. What to eat, especially to prevent healing and acne

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