ABC of kneeling positions in yoga

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All yoga exercises include many kneeling positions that are useful for the mind and body. These include asanas that have different difficulty levels and exercise on the yoga series on the command level they follow. Kneading body positions should be avoided from knee injury and injuries, as these body mass is placed primarily on the knees. Some commonly used knee pads are:

Hero or Virasana: This is one of the most basic kneeling pose and is usually practiced as a part of yoga pranayama or meditation. It is very useful for strengthening thighs, knees and ankles and is a great way to build a strong arch of your leg. Generally, hero pose is very effective in relieving constipation and improving other digestive problems and is especially useful for alleviating menopausal symptoms in women. In addition, pregnancy yoga also includes Virasana in the second trimester, as it reduces swelling of the legs in pregnant women.

Camel Pose or Ushtrasana: Strong pose that ends at the end of a yoga session when the muscles are in the agile state of the whole body. The Camel Pose is beneficial for strengthening the spine and the back muscle. It is very therapeutic for problems with respiratory problems, anxiety and fatigue, menstrual cramps and back pain. It is very useful for strengthening rectal muscles and is therefore recommended for patients with hemorrhoids.

Diamond Pose or Vajrasana: This is a very common and relatively easy kneeling post that beginners can practice. Energy and blood supply are specifically directed to the upper body.

Supra Vajrasana: This pose is an advanced form of Vajrasana and can only be practiced after the complete mastery over the diamond position. This asana is very useful for curing pain and strengthens the thigh and abdominal muscles. It also helps regulate high blood pressure and constipation. Supta Vajrasana is not a fully kneeling pose, actually a combination of a back bend and a kneeling asana.

Bull Pose or Vrushasana: Mainly for the preservation of youth, this asana is most often practiced by men. It stimulates the circulation and strengthens whole body muscles. Bull is very helpful in alleviating male anatomy problems, especially when the night or excess sperm is released.

Child's Pose or Balasana : This kneeling pose is very easy to perform and is very relaxing for legal. Usually, it is applied to the back cloaks to offset postures that stretch the spine and muscles backwards. Balasana gently stretches the hip, knees and ankles, and exerts relaxation on the whole body as well as the mind's attention to all external disturbances.

Asanas that require partial or complete kneeling, Cat Pose, Simple Twist or Bharadvajasana, Dog Pose and Swan Pose or Hamsasana. Since there is a wide kneeling posture, it is easy to choose those that fit the yoga program or help alleviate the health problems that yoga exerts.

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