A short introduction to yoga science

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Yoga is basically the science of good life. When it comes to everyday life, it works on every aspect of man. Physical, mental, psychological, emotional and emotional levels are all influenced and strengthened by practicing yoga. The word yoga means unit or unit, and the word "yuj" comes from Sanskrit, meaning that it is interconnected.

Yoga is not magic or magic, no mental or physical disappointment. Those practicing yoga believe that the human mind is responsible for five bad faiths that need to be corrected before one can live in peace. The Five Failures of the Bad Ideas of the Outside

The Bad Ideas of Self

Bondage and Lust for the Senses or Objects

Love, Love and Love of Love and Life

Through introspection and constant meditation the mind get rid of the mistakes.

It is important to note that yoga is a science, not an imagination. Yoga is a science that can be proven. It has a unified legal system that will follow the desired result.

Yoga is also a practice. The techniques of meditation and focusing on the mind are important to get rid of the minds of the previously mentioned bad faiths. Proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation, and positive thinking play a role in the retraining of the belief systems.

Most Western people are so unusual and difficult to maintain situations when yoga is mentioned, but this is a small part of the whole package. However, gentle exercise of yoga has become very popular in recent years. Yoga is thus an excellent way of improving body tone and strengthening, improving breathing and circulation, and reducing stresses in life. Yoga exercises are gentle, yet they focus on stretching the body to relieve tension and anxiety

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