A Kundalini yoga teacher's oath

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"Kundalini's teaching oath:" I'm not a woman. I'm not a man. I'm not a person. I'm not myself. I'm a teacher. "~ Yogi Bhajan

I confess to struggling with the Teacher's Sword when I started my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training when I first heard it, I was rebelled, not a woman if I was not a man like me and if I was not myself I do not understand it, and it's been very mixed up with me, who was this guy, not me? Can you say "resistance"? What would you say about this great start?

In this article I explain the Teacher's oath and what it means for the first time, I have a key ethical responsibility for the KY teacher in the service of students, in personal behavior and in roles, and ultimately in connection with teaching and teaching sources

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa of the Los Angeles Golden Bridge says that "Kundalini Yoga Teachers [we] undertake this oath. As a story, tell us why we are here and what we will deliver: these are sacred teachings. Our goal is to deliver the student to himself – not to the teacher. We are here to inspire the students. "

How Do I Feel the Teacher's Oath? The Manifestation of Mankind Yogi Bhajan considered the Teacher's oath to remind us of the ego from our doctrine and always respond to the best interests of the student and strives to teach us to" shine forth soul of a student ", so that they do not shine their own ego, but that the messenger of teaching, The Fall of Teachers reminds us of being a teacher and raising the soul of each student

The Teacher's Oath in the Worship is the ethical responsibility an ethical responsibility for the service. As a teacher, it is essential to preserve the purity of teaching and to teach it altruistic, the teacher's task is to bring students together with the flow of teachings and raise students to the Infinite Awareness of the Teachers.

Second, the ethical responsibility of your personal behavior is you It is about talking and teaching, it is related to the spirit, soul, and essence of a person, not to the ego. In addition, teacher-student relations must remain professional. Personal conduct depends on the highest quality and always depends on deep care, respect, and concern for others.

The third and final piece is ethical responsibility in terms of role. As a teacher, you must leave the ID for your own success or failure. In this role the KY teacher must be "a teacher" as an endless task. It is about listening to the students (skill level, never harassing, respecting all belief systems, and keeping confidentiality). Choose the right, wrong, and ethics for your role as a teacher … these options that measure your life (not just your teaching experience). Travel the path of integrity … because there is never a bad time for the right things.

To close the speech, it is important for me to introduce me to what relationship is with the teachings and the sources of the teaching.

My relationship with teaching is respect, consideration, love, appreciation, thanksgiving, and service in every respect, regardless of my instant feelings and opinions, always, because this is the attitude I need is very important.

My relationship with the source of the teaching was difficult at first. As a pure scholar, I am often bitterly unhappy in regimentation because I tend to become bored and restless, and I am also against power. So, an interesting choice was the kind of spiritual teaching that is based on the tradition of the wisdom guru. I know that people generally pass the guru to lead the way until they have access to pure discipline. All this was ambitious after I started trusting in my teacher and passed on the experience. Now, KY is a proven step-by-step system that has its own way. This whole LOVE … pure LOVE. I give my soul to my soul. I came to discover the knowledge and did not know that knowledge began to explore. This is about wisdom, rather than being contradicted by the flow of life.

I now understand, as Mark Ciaburri claims, "My whole being moves to these teachings, I love what I learn and I learned to learn."

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