7 fake nutrition myths

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There are nutrition-related myths that people think are true. You think for yourself, but read on.

Potato can cause weight gain

If you boil them without peeling them (especially since the shell contains half of the potatoes' nutrients) it can cause weight gain. Thus, the starch content they contain does not gain weight, even helping to reduce weight.

The mineral water bubbles are not good.

If drinking water does not have gastric residues due to water consumption such as bloating or sedation, there is no problem. The spring bubble water is designated as normal water

Many Milk = Many Calcium

Milk is recommended for children who need to consume whole milk. Adults should keep up to 2 glasses a day or even avoid it. Too much milk consumption increases the acidity in the stomach and the body draws calcium from the bones.

Lose Nutritional Features of Canned Fish

The most important thing is to fish the whole fish (bones and everything). The richest nutrients (omega 3, calcium, vitamin D) are largely sardines, mackerel, tuna and herring. Women should consume 1-2 Sardinian boxes per week

Meatless Meals = No Toxin-Free Food

Meat is required. Meat is very important in building and repairing nerves and muscles, and it is not a substitute for plant protein.

Natural juice is the healthiest

Fresh fruit juice is an unbalanced drink because it has a very high fructose content that is a stress on the pancreas. The whole fruit is better than drinking just the juice

Menopause, Extra Pounds Benefit from Osteoporosis

Women in menopause need some extra pounds, they have proven that they are more protected against osteoporosis. Taking too much weight, however, causes many problems.

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