5 Yogi Types: Learn how to identify them

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Today yoga is widely celebrated throughout the world. Many people deal with free or paid yoga classes. Famous Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have taken a step towards a 24-day meditation challenge. Thousands of yoga lovers have been physically and practically observed.

As yoga becomes popular, it can be seen that yoga practitioners tend to adopt the "Yogi" or "Yogini" title. They are well characterized, as most of them are yoga teachers. But in India, yoga teacher is hardly considered Yogi. If one is practicing yoga for a long time and teaching others, he does not support yoga. Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa revealed the truth of a yogi behind his disciples. His worthy student, Shri Mahendra Gupta, described the Years of Years of Conversations on his journals and published it later. The so-called "Kathamrita"

According to Lord Ramakrishna, there are three kinds of souls

1. My mind (ignorant),

2. Gyani (learned),

3. Yogi (wise / final)

If one does not know the spiritual facts, then he is (ignorant). When the Sick goes through knowledge and wisdom, he is Gyani (learned). He presents real and false secrets. And when the individual reaches the destiny and finds that he has never traveled, and has always been the same and always clear, he can be regarded as Yogi (the ultimate).

The Lord describes it all as a story. He says, "Those who heard of milk, the Anoins who saw Gyani, and those who bore milk and observed their food, the Yogi." In India, the individual is regarded as Yogi by the Samadhi state. This means when he tasted the milk.

But how do we know that someone is Yogi or not? Lord Ramakrishna introduced the five templates of Yogi. If one sees such properties in a person, then Yogi. Here are the templates –

• Jadabat (passive): Passive yogis is physically inactive. They love to walk around the divine spheres and leave most of their time in Samadhi.

• Pishachtbat (Ugly): These Yogis see the world as a manifestation of Bramha (God). It does not differentiate things according to secular names and classes.

• Balakbat (Children): Balakbat Yogis is like a kid. They do not feel the feelings of shame or fear. They smile like a child, they talk like a kid and live like a kid.

• Unmadbat (Lunatic): Crazy people often think of the crazy Yogist. These yogis do not know the outside world. They live in a "go as you like" mode.

• Madhura (Incredible): And those who possess all these qualities, Madhur Yogis. Sometimes passive, sometimes ugly or childish and even crazy.

Look around for yourself. If you want to see these attributes grow in an individual, then Yogi might be possible. As the core tissue grows in an individual, these properties grow and spread. You can not stop an individual from being legal, just as he can not stop the flowers from distributing his scent.

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