5 Ways to Make Your Penis Strong

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Increasing penis size, strength and endurance is a huge task for most people. Although there are endless ointments, tablets, devices that claim to help. The question is how many are really reliable

Strengthening the penis is not a wasteful task that can not be achieved. If you are a young man, you thought your penis should be strong and hard, but on the contrary, do not worry, this article will help. On the other hand, as the man gets older, the sex hormone is gradually decreasing and becoming less active. In order to make your penis strong, the continuous production of sex hormones should be taken seriously.

To produce multiple sex hormones, you must do the following:

1. Eat Better: Massive penis enlargement is an expensive proposition for your body. The penis needs continuous nutrition and blood to be healthy. If you eat straight, the nutrients needed to produce sex hormones are released, leading to a strong, healthy penis. Recommended foods include high fiber and low fat diets. Zinc should be taken daily. Zinc is vital to the production of testosterone, semen and sperm. This mineral is found in liver, seafood, peas and beans

. Vitamin supplements: Vitamins are also known to increase sex hormones. Vitamin A, B, C, E, chromium, zinc and L-arginine are well known to preserve the health of the penis, but first take your doctor before taking any medicine. your penis is strong:

3. Practice: Appearance in shape and good physical properties due to good behavior and self-confidence. During exercise, such as swimming, cycling, jogging or fast walking, at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week

4. Jelqing: When performing jelqing (penis enlargement exercise), blood flows into the penis and helps the penis enlargement. Jelqing involves lifting the penis with her hands from the ground up to the top. The advantage of this method is that it extends the penis chamber and keeps more blood volume leading to a massive strong penis

. Towing: This is also referred to as a penis extender. This is a small, lightweight, medically tested device that can be worn on the penis if it does not stand. The device exerts a small pull on the penis when it connects, leading to tissue growth. The bigger the tissue the stronger your penis will be. The beauty of the device is that it can be worn under shorts, without anyone noticing it.

The following steps are required to carry the device:

I. Insert your penis through the base ring of the device

ii. Pull the soft suction cup into the appliance and gently pull the loop until the head is secure

iii. Adjust the firmness of the device. Two bars pull the length of the penis length, which can be adjusted according to the desired tension, so it can increase the tension tension towards the leg buttons towards the penis.

iv. Basically, the penis extension should be connected to the end of the penis. After you place it, you can set the parenthesis to PULL or the penis.

It should be noted that the device is best suited for loose fittings or sweat pants. You do not have to wear tight trousers when wearing a pulling device.

In addition to the large and large size of the pulling device, the towing device can help regulate ejaculation, increase bed strength, stronger erection, and increase sexual stimulation by increasing blood flow to the penis

Statistics show that 100,000 a day the Small Device to Improve Their Sexual Life

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