5 Power Yoga leads to complete training

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Power Yoga combines the mental, physical and mental aspects of yoga, as well as strict training in a great way. This is a dynamic form of yoga based on fitness. The model is Ashtanga yoga. Power yoga has become very popular recently and is accessible to everyone. Power yoga looks similar to aerobics training because of its lively nature and high tempo. Here the poses are faster, maintaining continuity. When exercised under supervision, yoga yoga regularly makes the body's stability, balance, balance and tone. The good thing is that anyone can practice it.

The Effective Power Yoga List

Of course, the most appropriate methods included the power of yoga. Medicated, safe, without side effects. 5 Yoga Performance Affects Your Prosperity Below –

1. The liberating position of the wind – This palm helps to lose excess fat in the abdominal region. This is called Pawanmuktasana. Replace the floor. Raise your right leg at 90 degrees. Fold and press the stomach by pushing the folded leg for one minute. Press and hold both hands to press. Then release and repeat this process with the other leg. This stick can be bent simultaneously with both sheets.

2nd Cobra Pose – This pose will help you humiliate your bottom and your loudspeaker is absolute. First lie down on your stomach toward the floor; place your palm on your chest, on the floor. Then lift up the upper body, that is, your chest from the floor. Then let's back where you can and look up. Hold in this pose five full breaths and then release it.

3rd Bow Pose – Also known as Dhanurasana, this yoga activity tones the legs and arms to losing extra fat. First you have to lie down on your belly on the floor. Then you have to bend your knees. Then you should lift your feet from the back. Drag your body back, try to grab your feet in your hands. Keep in this position four breaths, then release and relax.

4th Side Stretch Pose – This asana increases your heart rate, burns calories and helps reduce fat on your side. Stand straight on the floor, keeping straight. Place your hands on your body side and hold your palm. Raise your hand straight up, pulling it up. Bend the right side and stretch your right hand over your head. Repeat this on the left. On one side, five breaths are to be taken. Then Relax.

5th Warrior Pose – This post is also known as Virbhadrasana. This is a great exercise for weight loss. Her tone is in the abyss, arms and thighs. This also increases the capacity of your lungs. Stand on this asana straight on the floor; spread the legs as far as possible. Turn right and left foot to right. Then lift your arm over your head and stretch them out. Then join your palms as in prayer, look up and relax. Keep five breaths.

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