4 Post Workout Nutrition Tips to Help You Get Acquired Body

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Do you suffer from severe weight loss or muscular injuries, despite hours spent in the gym?

Feeding post workout can be a problem .

After intestinal training, the body enters the catabolic state. In this catabolic state muscle glycogen is depleted and cortisol elevation begins to break muscle tissue.

In order to counteract and promote anabolic status, we must feed the body with the right nutrients. Fast-digesting proteins and carbohydrate post-workouts provide the amino acid required for muscle repair and increase insulin levels, helping to deliver nutrients in the muscles.

There are four nutrition tips that help you achieve fitness goals.

first Protein is indispensable.

Specifically, Whey Protein .

High quality whey protein is an essential part of post workout nutrition. Be sure to include 20 to 25 grams of whey protein after training. As already mentioned, the whey protein provides the amino acids needed to improve muscle damage during exercise.

After the initial protein dose, take 20 g of protein lightly for 3 hours to maximize muscle repair. Research has shown that physical activity stimulates muscle building practically 48 hours.

Why do you have to worry about muscle building if your goal is to lose weight?

The reason is simple, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn each day. Increased muscle increases your relaxing metabolism .

Another tip to eat 20 g of protein before going to bed. Without protein, the body goes into a catabolic state, overnight. In this catabolic state, your body cannibalize your muscles and relieve the work you did during the day.

2nd Essential Amino Acids

Make at least 10 grams of essential amino acid at the protein dose. You can check the label of the whey product used to understand the contents of the EAA. Of this 10 g, at least 4 g is the specific EAA, leucine. Leucine opens the way in the body where protein synthesis occurs . Helping on this path, Leucine helps improve muscle development.

3rd Carbs … maybe!

Want to lose weight or build muscle?

The answer to this question specifies whether carbohydrate is required for protein.

If you try to lose weight, it limits or eliminates carbohydrate after a workout. Many people tell you that you need carbohydrates with your protein to slide to insulin, which helps in the delivery of nutrients in the muscles.

But whey protein itself produced high insulin resistance and made carbohydrate an optional part of the post-workout meal. Keep in mind that other types of proteins such as casein and soybeans do not result in the same insulin response.

If the goal is muscle building, it is worth adding some quick-digestible carbohydrates to the after-meal meal. It may be funny, but here are some good quality carbohydrate options for post workout meals.

Both products are high in carbohydrate dextrose, which is rapidly digesting carbohydrate, which increases insulin resistance. These help restore muscle glycogen, which is exhausted during exercise.

If you are a fitness athlete or have completed a large amount of bowel training, it is advisable to add a certain fast-digestible carbohydrate to the after-meal diet regardless of the purpose of the exercise.

4th Avoid caffeine.

Caffeine has been shown to increase cortisol levels.

Why do I care about cortisol levels?

Cortisol is termed a stress hormone because cortisol levels have risen when they are in a stressful state. Cortisol inhibits healing and actually stimulates fat storage in your body! Cortisol should be removed from the system as soon as possible. An effective way is to have 2 g-10 g of vitamin C after exercise.

Without proper workout nutrition you will never maximize the results of your workout efforts. Why do you cover your ass in the gym or if you miss the sidewalk daily if you do not see the results of the effort?

Follow the 4 diet nutrition tips and get the lean, muscular body you want.

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