3 Benefits of Good Nutrition

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The first advantage of good nutrition is that the body is designed for the task of designing what is healthy. The easier it is for the body to function normally, the better it can do its job without having to fire it. & # 39; This means that it is easier to think, walk, talk, sleep, and do everything you can to do hundreds of daily things without noticing it.

How do you know what good nutrition is? Think about foods that are not processed. This means that the fewer the food passes before the nutrition value is on the plate. Fresh peaches, plums or carrots are much easier to break down and digest your body. Comparison with a prepared food that was probably fresh started, went to a processing plant and now has access to a number of chemical processes. Older, less fresh and not as alive as fruit or vegetables.

The second advantage of good nutrition is that it is easier to cure due to illness or injury. If you're sick, your body gets overwhelmed, which protects you and produces a variety of hormones and chemicals. This causes more "stress" on the system. If the lower mechanism (your body) sounds reliably, stress does not last long enough and does not put so much pressure on your body as if it were sick. Think of the healthiest person you know. Someone who is vibrant with fresh fruits and vegetables, exercises, etc. Eat. With the exception of severe illness or injury, you will notice that you are able to turn back faster from minor or everyday illnesses.

This does not mean that you have to become a man who is completely raw or marathoned to be healthy. The point is, people did not get out of hunters and gatherers of people who have the majority of their food from a box. The many wonderful (and not so wonderful) advances we have made in the field of technology and the food industry are not always ours. Read Paul Roberts's "Life Ends" title if you want more information in this area.

The third benefit of good nutrition is to reduce mental stress. If you get the right vitamin and minerals, both with food and nutritional supplements, your brain will work better. If your brain feeds you can make decisions more easily, ranging from everyday life to complexity. About this topic dr. Mark Hyman "Confirm your broken brain by first healing your body".

Good nutrition is essential to your health, and good news in the food basket – simple, simple, and fresh!

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